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Green Screen Pro - Chroma Key

2 usd

Run Chroma Key effects with your phone or tablet like a Pro, and it has never been this easy. Supports "Green Screen" and "Blue Screen" backdrops with a stunning and simple user interface. Snap a photo, choose one of the built in backgrounds (or use one of your own) and share with your family and friends.A new dropper tool can be used to select the background colour, green and blue works best but try your luck with other colours!Features:* NEW! Save your image with a transparent background, simply pick the transparent background in-app and Save to Gallery* Move your subject with simple drag, pinch to zoom and rotation controls (Taken in front of a Green Screen or Blue Screen) Make your subject as large as Godzilla, or flying through space* Select from one of the many built-in backgrounds, or use your own* Zoom and re-position your foreground and background layer quickly and easily* Share with family and friends using your favorite social networking platform* Supports partial transparency, see the screenshots for an example of sheer material and sunglasses in front of the Green Screen* Supports automatic Green Screen and Blue Screen backgrounds for fantastic results, even with a budget screen and a new dropper tool for all colours (or if your background is tricky)
A big thanks to Hollywood Camera Work for use of the professional Green Screen plates:
A quick instructable how-to: a budget Green Screen showing the results possible with inexpensive equipment.
If you are having troubles with the software please contact us directly as we are actively supporting and improving this App.
Please do send us your creations, we are compiling a gallery of images from our customers. Send the green screen image as well as the result if possible.Please do send us images you are struggling with as we maintain a test suite to continually improve our algorithm against and this will ensure better results for you in our next update.
Contact us for questions, as we are confident that this is the best Chroma Key software on the market.
Overview of the Chroma Key technique:The Chroma Keying technique is used in video/cinematic effects to remove a green or blue background, often called a Green Screen or Blue Screen. This technique is also known as color keying, colour-seperation overlay or simply as Green Screen and Blue Screen.